Guide author:  Thomas Duke
Photography:  As noted

This guide will take you to all the good photo points along the Vineland Secondary, between Woodbury and Millville, NJ. This trackage hosts the regular weekday MI-61 between Camden and Millville, NJ, and also the local freight MI-21 between Vineland and Millville.



If MI-61 is at Woodbury Hts in daylight, go set up at Wenonah or Sewell station. You can't get both when the train is doing 25, but you MAY, MAY, MAY be able to ask the crew to go 10 between Wenonah and Sewell. Explain that you would like both station shots.  The photograph at left is at the Wenonah station.  Photograph:  Tom Duke.








From Wenonah station, go west (opposite station) and turn left at a
cemetary. Turn left again and continue on this road. You will drive over the
tracks on a bridge. Make a right at anyone of the next three streets and
find the Sewell station.  The photograph at left is at Sewell Station.  Photograph:  Tom Duke.




After the Sewell station, you can go west again to
a fork left onto New Street 629, then a hard left onto ALT 553. From Sewell
to Glassboro, you can't legally get ahead of a train, so you will get
"gated" in downtown Pitman. You must stay on ALT 553 from Barnsboro to
Glassboro to make this work. ALT 553 will cross the tracks in Glassboro, and
you get an okay shot here, but you may miss the next one. Turn left onto a
little street before the tracks for this shot, or continue on this street
and get back to Academy Street (great field shot) which crosses the tracks a
mile south.  The photograph at left is in Glassboro at Academy Street.  Photograph:  Tom Duke.





After Academy St crossing, you can either continue on this same
main road to Clayton or head east through a mess of streets to Route 47.
Give up Glassboro for Clayton, or miss Clayton after Glassboro. Once south
of Clayton, chasing becomes very easy, within sight. Get to
Malaga and find
a parallel for a okay shot, then turn immediately right and head to Newfield
on yet another parallel.  The photograph at left is at Newfield.  Photograph:  Tom Duke.





Follow the road you're on now almost to Millville Yard.  There are many excellent shots available along the slow 10MPH stretch between Vineland and Millville, like those shown here.  The photograph at left is at the ex-PRSL / CNJ "LANDIS" diamond.  The photograph at right is just north of Millville Yard.  Photographs:  Mike DiMunno.







Even Millville Yard offers a decent view of the power used for both MI-61 and MI-21 idling there.  Millville Yard can be accessed from the end of a dead end street called "Ladow Road", off of Wheaton Avenue in Millville (this is just south of the route 55, exit 26).  The photograph on the left is at Millville Yard.  Photograph:  Mike DiMunno.





The following maps may assist in your persuit of trains on the Vineland Secondary.



Map 1:  Woodbury to Sewell



Map 2:  Glassboro to Clayton


Map 3:  Clayton Region


Map 4:  Clayton to Newfield


Map 5:  Newfield Region


This concludes the Vineland Secondary train-chaser's guide.

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